Craft Coding Challenge

A train­ing ground for Craft CMS developers to test and improve their cod­ing skills.

Challenge #14 – Testing Santa’s Patience
11 December 2023 Solved Php Difficult

Santa is gear­ing up for the hol­i­day sea­son by mod­ern­iz­ing the gift list sys­tem at his North Pole headquar­ters. But the elves made a mess while dip­ping into the eggnog and now they need you to clean it up!

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Challenge #13 – Get your Ducks in a Row
11 September 2023 Solved Twig Intermediate

This brain-teas­er will have you sort­ing col­lec­tions and get­ting your ducks in a row to appease the insist­ent mar­ket­ing department”.

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Challenge #12 – Fiesta Frenzy
11 July 2023 Solved Twig Intermediate

Call­ing all party plan­ners! The sum­mer party team is in a frenzy, and they need your expert­ise to bring order to the hot­test sum­mer spec­tacles of the year.

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Challenge #11 – Where in the World
9 May 2023 Solved Twig Difficult

You’ve been brought in to devel­op the algorithm for a per­son­al­ised recom­mend­a­tion app.

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Challenge #10 – How Low Can You Limbo
14 March 2023 Solved Twig Intermediate

The Limbo World Cham­pi­on­ships have called you in to optim­ise their score­board for performance.

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Challenge #9 – Roman Numerals
31 August 2020 Closed Twig Intermediate

Giv­en a num­ber, cal­cu­late its cor­res­pond­ing Roman numer­al using a twig macro.

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Challenge #8 – The Big O Problem
30 October 2019 Solved Twig Intermediate

It’s time to get algorith­mic­al” and solve a prob­lem that could eas­ily be imple­men­ted using a poorly per­form­ing algorithm the per­form­ant way.

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Challenge #7 – The Josephus Problem
6 February 2019 Solved Twig Intermediate

In this myth­ic­al-his­tor­ic­al math­em­at­ic­al prob­lem, where you end up stand­ing can be the dif­fer­ence between life and death.

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Challenge #6 – The Chicken or the Egg
8 January 2019 Solved Php Difficult

A com­mon thing you might want to be informed about is when an entry’s status is changed, but it is deceiv­ingly hard to detect. Write a mod­ule to solve this prob­lem in as eleg­ant a way as possible.

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Challenge #5 – Napkin Navigation
24 December 2018 Solved Twig Easy

There’s no time to lose, you must reverse engin­eer a com­plex for­mula to some­thing that any­one can cal­cu­late, even while steer­ing a herd of reindeer through the dark. All you have to work with is a nap­kin and your cunning.

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Challenge #4 – Elementary, my dear Watson
4 December 2018 Solved Twig Intermediate

All of the ele­ments in a Craft site have con­trived a clev­er plan to hide a secret from you. They have left a trail though, which you must fol­low to the end to reveal the secret.

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Challenge #3 – The First Draft
19 November 2018 Solved Php Intermediate

A real-world use case for send­ing email noti­fic­a­tions whenev­er a new entry draft is cre­ated using a Craft mod­ule and an event handler.

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Challenge #2 – 5 Minute Read
12 November 2018 Solved Twig Easy

In this chal­lenge you will design an algorithm that pre­dicts how long a piece of text takes to read.

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Challenge #1 – Putting the Fizz back in your Buzz
5 November 2018 Solved Twig Intermediate

A vari­ation of FizzBuzz, this chal­lenge tests your abil­ity to out­put or style things in dif­fer­ent ways based on a recur­ring index­ing pat­tern using Twig.

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