Craft Coding Challenge

A training ground for Craft CMS developers to test and improve their coding skills.

Challenge #9 – Roman Numerals
31 August 2020 Closed Twig Intermediate

Given a number, calculate its corresponding Roman numeral using a twig macro.

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Challenge #8 – The Big O Problem
30 October 2019 Solved Twig Intermediate

It's time to get "algorithmical" and solve a problem that could easily be implemented using a poorly performing algorithm the performant way.

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Challenge #7 – The Josephus Problem
6 February 2019 Solved Twig Intermediate

In this mythical-historical mathematical problem, where you end up standing can be the difference between life and death.

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Challenge #6 – The Chicken or the Egg
8 January 2019 Solved Php Difficult

A common thing you might want to be informed about is when an entry’s status is changed, but it is deceivingly hard to detect. Write a module to solve this problem in as elegant a way as possible.

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Challenge #5 – Napkin Navigation
24 December 2018 Solved Twig Easy

There’s no time to lose, you must reverse engineer a complex formula to something that anyone can calculate, even while steering a herd of reindeer through the dark. All you have to work with is a napkin and your cunning.

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Challenge #4 – Elementary, my dear Watson
4 December 2018 Solved Twig Intermediate

All of the elements in a Craft site have contrived a clever plan to hide a secret from you. They have left a trail though, which you must follow to the end to reveal the secret.

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Challenge #3 – The First Draft
19 November 2018 Solved Php Intermediate

A real-world use case for sending email notifications whenever a new entry draft is created using a Craft module and an event handler.

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Challenge #2 – 5 Minute Read
12 November 2018 Solved Twig Easy

In this challenge you will design an algorithm that predicts how long a piece of text takes to read.

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Challenge #1 – Putting the Fizz back in your Buzz
5 November 2018 Solved Twig Intermediate

A variation of FizzBuzz, this challenge tests your ability to output or style things in different ways based on a recurring indexing pattern using Twig.

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