Craft Coding Challenge

About The Project

Craft Coding Challenge is a training ground for Craft CMS developers to test and improve their coding skills. The challenges presented will be solveable using either Twig or PHP in the context of a Craft site and will help you hone your skills and learn about best practices and broader computer science concepts. Some challenges will be more theoretical in nature while others will be more practical. Either way, the idea is to offer you a learning environment in which to make mistakes and learn with and from your peers.

Solutions can be submitted within a week of a challenge being posted (the exact closing date is shown for each challenge). Submitted solutions are published shortly after the submission end date. Explanations will be given as to why certain solutions are good and how others can be improved upon. We credit all submitted code and treat all submissions with respect (no shaming).

This is a community run project and is not affiliated with Pixel & Tonic, the creators of Craft CMS. Please share it with anyone who could benefit from it and send feedback to [email protected] or @ben_pylo.

– Ben Croker

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